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My Home Hobby Business is FOR SALE...Here are some pictures of what I have available.

Congradulations!  You made it to my SPECIALS page for those who venture beyond the HOME page!

Bring three (3) paying friends with you to make a Soy Candle and YOUR class is FREE!*
Hold a Candle Making Party, (Private Pour in you home) with four (4) or more paying guests, NOT including yourself and You get a FREE candle.*

JOIN my "Host a Party" candle making list and receive FREE candles, oil burners or certificates after each party. Ask me how!

Are there more hidden specials?

Check out the entire site to see!


GIFT BASKETS for ALL occasions - starting at $20.00

LIMITED to AVAILABILITY - Above are the few remaining Candle Making Sample Pack for only $49.99 - which includes: small wax pourer, and instructions. Candle supplies include: 2 lbs. NVSoy Wax, 2 tin containers, 1 glass container, 2 fragrances 1 oz. each, 6 NVSoy color chips, 6 each (wicks, wick stickers, wick holders and caution labels), 6 assorted tealight containers and 6 tealight wicks, a brochure, newsletter and 1 Insta-Candle. Unless you are here or request certain fragrances I have, they will be cucumber melon and cinnamon spice. Your kit will differ from the one shown above. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. Substitutions of greater or equal value may be made in case of availability

Currently updating more pictures

Container candles, Fancy Glass Top containers, Country Canning Jar containers, Open containers, WIDE mouth opening containers, Votives and Tealights.

Tea Light and Votive containers

We help keep your home soot free! Country canning jar candles. 4oz. and 8oz sizes available. Standard mouth opening shown. Also available in WIDE mouth opening.

Glass Containers of different shapes and sizes

Fancy Glass Top Teardrop container soy candles.

Above is our Insta-Candle for only $9.95 each - which includes: the new quick and easy instant candle kit. Makes a great gift. Make an all natural soy candle in a few minutes. Includes candle tin and tealight!

Come make your own creation

LIMITED to AVAILABILITY is my Votive Kit for only $49.99 - Contains everything you need to make votives from your own home. This kit includes 10 pounds of Votive Wax, 6 votive molds and pins, 12 wicks, four 2 ounce bottles of fragance, 10 color chips (2 red, 2 blue, 2 yellow and 4 green), 12 small caution labels and Brochures, Your kit will differ from the one shown.

Come visit my Soy Candle Booth during the summer.

Candle Class Literature, Printable candle tags, fragrances and brochures

Come make your very own Insta-Candle - You choose the shape, color and fragrance of your candle.

More holders, Dipping candle holder

Baskets and moss fill

Oil Burners and oils

Votive and Tea Light Holders - Step Display

Tea Light and Votive Holders

IMPORTANT UPDATE **NOTE** ALL my own pre-made soy candles have sold and are NOT included.